Playtime goes extreme. Blaupunkt BTW300 Xtreme zooms ahead with 120hours.

Playtime goes extreme. Blaupunkt BTW300 Xtreme zooms ahead with 120hours.

Playtime has always been the biggest worry for all of us. Imagine having an important conversation or watching a great movie and having your eadbuds slowly die on you. We all have had it happen to us. Till now we were helpless. Not any more! Enter the BTW300 Xtreme, with 120 hours of playtime on a single charge it keeps you going and going. 


150 Hours of Playtime 

If you are wondering how this has been achieved Blaupunkt then read on. This is all about clever technology, specially selected components and batteries, and a ton of innovation. To start with Blaupunkt has loaded the charging case and the earbuds with the largest high efficiency 800mAh batteries available today. These charge faster and deliver a constant steam of power. Added to these batteries is an amazing new chip. This reduces power consumption by up to 20%. Then there is the way ENC tech is controlled. The super sensitive Clear A.I. mics. And finally, the design that has been able to fit all this into a sleek smooth form. 

In short, the BW300 Xtreme gives you 120 hours of Playtime. The charging case once topped up can charge the earbuds up to 8 times. Which in real world figures means you just have to charge your earbuds once a week. In case you need a quick charge then you’ll love this. 15 mins of charging gives you 5 Hours of Playtime thanks to the TurboVolt fast charging tech. 



Blaupunkt has always had a philosophy of over engineering their products. They have done it again with the BTW300 Xtreme. Talking about just the MICS then you will fine 4 Clear A.I. Mics, 2 per earbud. These mics are super clear and crips. And are made with the finest components and technology. If you are wondering why so many mics then the answer lies in the ENC tech that the BTW300 Xtreme has.  



ENC is a must today. The world is a noisy place and you really don’t want to shout or repeat yourself when having a conversation. The BTW300 Xtreme uses the latest ENC tech with smart A.I. tech to keep your call disturbance free. The 4 Clear A.I. Mics play a vital role here. In each earbud there is one mic dedicated to picking up all the ambient sounds around you. This information is sent to the Revolutionary Chip inside each bud. These chips filter out the disturbances by creating negative wave patterns. What is left is just the clear sound of your voice.  


Gaming MODE, BT 5.3… IT’S LOADED 

There is so much more the BTW300 Xtreme have to offer. They come ready to play. Switch on the Gaming Mode and you will find everything get ready to win. The extremely low latency makes gaming a real pleasure. There is no audio action lag. The response is faster and smoother. And gaming becomes more exciting. Then comes the BT version 5.3. This is Bluetooth’s latest version so you get everything you wanted. More stable connections, wider range and better sound quality. TurboVolt Fast Charging you already know about. And finally the design. Now here is a set of buds that is really slick! The BTW300 Xtreme and light, smooth and ensure a comfortable fit the entire day. 


Blaupunkt’s reliability is guaranteed 

Added to all this is the build and reliability that only a true German brand can offer. Blaupunkt makes products to last and last. It does this by using premium materials, components of the highest quality and the latest proven technology. Together these factors make every Blaupunkt audio product real premium value for money.