The Loyalty Program that rewards you more

Blaupunkt is all about a better experience. Audio quality, build excellence, a long life are assured. Now you get something more. Join Blaupunkt’s BLUEPOINTS Program and earn BLUEPOINTS. Cash these in for discounts and more Blaupunkt products.

Joining BLUEPOINTS is so simple. You are already a Member

Yes! You are already a member of BLUEPOINTS. The minute you buy a Blaupunkt Audio product you are eligible. All you have to do is register by filling up the form and that is it. You are ready to start collecting your BLUEPOINTS.

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Spending your BLUEPOINTS. Reward yourself Anywhere and anytime.

You can cash in your BLUEPOINTS whenever you want. Just log into your account and see how many BLUEPOINTS you have and start shopping. You can either exchange them for crazy discounts or for audio products. It all depends upon what you want. What you spend is what will be deducted from your account. The rest you can spend
another day. Keep checking for offers and other opportunities to spend your BLUEPOINTS.

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BLUEPOINTS Earning Table. Start Earning now!.

As we said earning BLUEPOINTS is easy. And we reward you for doing the things you love. Check out the chart and see what ctivities fill up your account. Once you have enough start spending your BLUEPOINTS and get home all the Blaupunkt Audio products that you want.

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What You Earn Points For Bluepoints Earn Value In Rupees
SHOP FOR 1000 1000 50
Follow The Social Channel 1000 50
Write Review 1500 75
Video Review 2500 125
Photo Review 2000 100
Warranty Registration 1500 75
Refer Friend 4000 200

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Q1-What is BluePoints Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program that rewards you more

Blaupunkt is all about a better experience.

Audio quality, build excellence, a long life is assured.

Now you get something more.

By Joining Blaupunkt's BLUEPOINTS Program and you earn BLUEPOINTS.

You can Cash these in for discounts and more Blaupunkt products.

Q2-Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for the BluePoints Rewards program?

You can find term and condition here "BLUEPOINTS REWARD T&C"

Q3-What if I already have an account on BlaupunktAudio.In?

If you already have a Blaupunkt account, then you can sign up for BluePoints Loyalty Rewards by logging in to your account page, clicking the BluePoints Loyalty Rewards and you will be part of the program

Q4-What are the benefits of being a BluePoints Loyalty program member?

There are lots of perks to becoming a member—and remember, it's free!

You can earn points for everything you do with you like Buying Products, Giving Review, Registering Warranty, our social page and List goes on

Q5 -Where can I register to be a BluePoints Rewards Member?

Registering is quick and easy. Just visit our "Sign UP" page to get started! 

Q6-How you can earn Loyalty Points?

Earning BLUEPOINTS is easy.

You can do it anytime.

Blaupunkt gives you BLUEPOINTS for a number of reasons, in addition to the fact that we love our customers.



BLUEPOINTS Terms & Condition


Terms and Conditions for Loyalty Program:

  1. Eligibility: The loyalty program is available to all customers who make account on our official website –
  2. Membership: Membership is free and automatic for all customers who register on our website.
  3. Earning Points: Customers can earn loyalty points by making purchases, liking our social page, Giving reviews etc. on our website. Each activity will make you earn a certain number of points.
  4. Redemption of Points: Customers can redeem their loyalty points for discounts on future purchases. Points can only be redeemed on our official website. The redemption value of each point will be communicated to the customer at the time of redemption. Points can only be redeemed on New products not on Recertified products.
  • You should have minimum 5,000 BluePoints in account to redeem it.
  • Min cart vale of purchase should be Rs 1,000 to utilize Bluepoints
  • You can't club these Bluepoints which any other offer or coupon code
  • Customer can pay 25% of the product value through points


  BLUEPoints Earned


Shop for 1000



Follow Social Channel



Write review



Photo Review



Video Review



Warranty Registration



Refer Friend




  1. Points Expiry: Loyalty points will expire after 12 months of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as not earning or redeeming any points within a 12-month period.
  2. Program Changes: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the loyalty program at any time, without prior notice to customers. However, we will communicate any changes to the program through our website and other channels.
  3. Fraudulent Activity: We reserve the right to cancel or revoke any loyalty points that were earned through fraudulent activity. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation of multiple accounts, or the manipulation of the loyalty program.
  4. Privacy: The privacy of our customers is important to us. We will only use the personal information of customers for the purpose of administering the loyalty program. We will not sell or share this information with any third parties.
  5. Brand have all rights to revoke the program at any time

By participating in our loyalty program, you agree to these terms and conditions.