The following is covered in Warranty

Any fault due to workmanship or manufacturing defect; The Warranty applies only to Products you purchased for your own use and not for resale.

**1 Year Warranty applicable for all products **

The following is Not covered in Warranty

  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging
  • Any physical damage due to abuse of the product
  • Any damage due to contact with liquid
  • Burnt damage due to over voltage/current

Warranty Claim

You can contact our customer service team by WhatsApp at 8860022600 if you have any questions or concerns about the product.

Your registered mobile number will serve as a ticket number for your complaint if you get in touch with the customer service team and register your case.

OUT OF Warranty


If you have already registered, you may easily take follow up by WhatsApp.

  • The faulty item will need to be delivered to the closest service facility for fault analysis and confirmation if the issue is still not remedied.
  • Or you can bring the defective unit to the service site.
  • For Heavy Goods, we can arrange for the reverse pickup of the defective item from your location and delivery to the closest service facility.
  • Or You can send the defective equipment to the nearest service location via courier.

Confirmation of the fault and analysis:

  • Within 48 working hours of receiving the product at the servicing location, the service/technical team will analyze the damaged unit to confirm the fault. Any delays will be reported to you in advance.
  • The damaged unit will be repaired or replaced once the fault has been identified.

If you submit the repaired or replacement item yourself, it will be packed and handed over to you after being tested for all functionalities.

  • Courier back to you if the submission was made via courier.
  • You will receive all courier information for your repaired or replacement device over WhatsApp.

Congratulations on your Blaupunkt purchase! Welcome to the family.