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ReCertified by Blaupunkt. As good as new with a price advantage.

ReCertified by Blaupunkt is a range of products which have some cosmetic blemish. These tiny defects could be the cause of transportation mishandling or improper unpacking. Each of these products has been refurbished perfectly to bring it up to perfect condition, functionally. The blemish or packaging damages might still be visible under careful scrutiny. But that is the only flaw you will find.

 The Blaupunkt ReCertified Assurance

  • Each ReCertified Product comes with the complete assurance of Germany’s iconic brand.
  • Every product goes through a rigorous 12 point quality check program
  • Each of this product will come with 6 months warranty.
  • All features and specifications are delivered, as in new
  • Technical components are checked and in perfect working order
  • Each product is fully refurbished to original international standards

 The Price Advantage

While every ReCertified product works exactly like new, it comes to you at a very special price.  Your savings can be as high as 75% on the MRP on certain products. Since these are ‘Hand of God’ products Blaupunkt does not guarantee the availability of all models. Please keep checking the ReCertified range to find what you desire.