Your level of entertainment just got higher. Presenting the new Blaupunkt TS120 Tower Speaker.

Tower Speakers

Look up! See where the entertainment is going. The new Blaupunkt TS120 Tower speaker is redefining the way people look at home entertainment. It literally turns the soundbar world on its side. Tall and made from solid wood, this speaker system changes your perspective and raises your levels of audio reproduction. 

Its Height is its Advantage!  

Now tower speakers are not new to the market but the Blaupunkt TS120 adds depth to this form. The design oozes class and sophistication. The solid wood cabinet adds to the audio experience. Wood has the best acoustics, and you can hear the difference. The mid and high ranges are crisp, and the bass pushes you back with a solid punch. This form factor is also more practical. Standing tall it hardly takes up any space but is yet very noticeable. The TS120 has a fabric cover over the speakers and vents, and there is a understated yet classic touch to the overall design language. 

The Sound it delivers 

The TS120 is all about the audio experience. It comes loaded with a 3-inch Mid Speaker, 2-inch Silk Dome Tweeter and a 6.5-inch Subwoofer. Now these 3 high end components have been perfectly balanced. And as we mentioned before, they come encased in a hard wood cabinet. The way in which everything comes together is what Blaupunkt is all about. There is a rugged reliability that you only get when you use the best materials. You can see and feel how everything is built, perform at the highest levels and also last a long long time. 

Touch Control on your Fingertips 

It’s all in the details. The TS120 is built to be a premium product. And the design was so fluid in its form that it demanded a touch control pad. And that is what Blaupunkt gave it. All the controls are accessed through a high-quality touch pad that sits on top of the tower. Touch the panel and you will feel how premium it is. The response is precise and fast. Being lit in a gentle light means you know what you are doing in low light conditions.  

It comes ready for Karaoke 

The TS120 does everything and more. It has a dedicated Karaoke mode and comes with a mic and a remote. Plug it in and get ready to rock. Dedicated bass and treble buttons allow you to find the perfect sound levels so you will always sound your best.  

A Remote that has Bass and Treble 

Total control! And that’s in your pocket. The TS120 has a remote that is slim and easy to carry. It gives you the ability to be everywhere and still have total control over the main unit. Apart from being able to select modes, inputs and other options this remote gives you the ability to tune your sound the way you want to. There are dedicated bass, treble and EQ buttons that let you adjust the levels to exactly what you want. Now that is a clear sign that the TS120 is very particular about audio quality. 

Connectivity for today’s devices 

We all have multiple entertainment devices in our lives today. Each one serves a purpose and honestly, we need them all. The S120 understands this lifestyle and is ready to connect with most modern devices. It comes ready to pair through Bluetooth and has post for HDMI ARC, OPTICAL, AUX IN and USB IN. It even has FM. So you are covered! Get your TV, phone, pad, and even a vinyl player hooked on. 

The Confidence of Blaupunkt Reliability  

Blaupunkt is iconic German brand with nearly 100 years of experience. Through these years it has remained a leader because of the reliability and durability it offers. Blaupunkt products are made with the finest materials and incorporate the latest in technology. This gives them the ability to perform at the highest standards for a long time.