Touch the Future with the BE120 Touch ENC. This neckband is generations ahead.

Touch the Future with the BE120 Touch ENC. This neckband is generations ahead.

It is time to let go of the past. 2023 is over and it is 2024! Unfortunately, till neckbands continue to live in the past. Till now that it! Enter the BE120 Touch and say hello to the future. 

Blaupunkt has stepped in and given us a generation leap in neckbands with the new BE120 Touch. This model leaves the competition so far behind you can’t even see them. Loaded with new touch technology this is the neckband personal audio system that we have always been waiting for, 



No more fumbling with buttons! Now get ready to have total control on your fingertips. The BE120 Touch has every control and function ready to launch with a touch or a tap. Want to raise the volume… Just roll your finger over the touch pad and get the precise level you need. Take calls, reject them, end them with a tap. Every function is placed so that you just automatically know where it is. Blaupunkt calls this Intuitive Design Tech. It is simple and takes a few seconds to figure out. And once you do you will never go back to the old ways. 




We wear our neckbands all the time and answer call any and everywhere. That is why we actually need ENC tech. The BE120 Touch has an advanced version of this technology that is powered by a revolutionary chip. This actually learns to filter out ambient sounds. Cars going past, traffic, airport announcements, etc. By removing all these external noises you ge the best call clarity you can imagine. Everything at both ends sounds better. You speak and they understand. No having to repeat yourself. 



Gaming is another place where the BE120 TOUCH excels. It is like the Max of the gaming world. Fast, precise and always winning. The reason for this is extremely low latency and higher response because of the revolutionary chip we mentioned before. This A.I. driven chip is miles ahead in computing power. So, any sort of game, racing, first person shooter, online tournaments, etc. moves in real time with minimum to no delay. When we tried the BE120 first we had to up our own playing level to catch up with it. Totally rewarding when you realise it makes you a better player.   



Blaupunkt has been very smart about the Playtime. The understanding is that we use our personal audio devices for a max of 8 hours a day. So with 40 hours of Playtime the BE120 Touch has the entire working week covered. Charge it on Sunday night and you will keep going right till Saturday morning. Which is perfect. In case you want more juice Blaupunkt has loaded the BE120 Touch with it’s own TurboVolt fat charging tech. 10 mins of charging gives you 120mins of playtime. So all you need to do it sit down for a cold one and while you finish that you are juiced up to go another 2 hours. 



These were the big reasons to instantly get the BE120 TOUCh. There are numerous other smaller but equally innovative and clever features that you’ll love. Take the Auto Mag Off. Now we all keep our neckband around our necks when not in use. Blaupunkt understood this and innovated the Auto Mag Lock System. This allows the earbuds to magnetically click together and when they do the entire system shuts down. Battery life is saved, Playtime is extended and additionally the mag lock also keeps your neckband from slipping off and getting lost 



The BE120 Touch comes in two cool colours – All Black and Blue Black. Now inside both of them are identical, but on the outside they have different vibes. The All Black is very proper and executive like. It is like wearing a suit. The Blue Black is just the opposite. It has a blue jeans like attitude. Relaxed, comfortable but still ready to go anywhere. Which one should you get. Well since Blaupunkt is offering the BE120 Touch at a special launch price of Rs XXXX we suggest you get both. Wear the All Black on week Days and keep the Bleu Black for when you are out chilling. Now that will be a touch of class!