The New SBA01 Rekurve. Acoustic Science Shapes The Future Of Soundbars.

The New SBA01 Rekurve. Acoustic Science Shapes The Future Of Soundbars. - Blaupunkt India

Blaupunkt Makes A Massive Leap In Acoustics Technology With The New SBA01 Rekurve

Soundbars have been around for a long time. And there are some good nones out there in the market. But ever since this innovation came about there has been no real development. What we got was the basically the same bar with added features, watts and other technology. Now Blaupunkt has taken what acoustic scientists call a massive leap. Enter the new SBA01 Rekurve by Blaupunkt. This is a soundbar that has taken the field of sound and redefined what it should be.

The Design Is The Key.

We all know that sound moves in waves. And that the source needs to be directed correctly to get the maximum from the speaker. Now all soundbars have a flat front. This means the sound waves emanating head straight out in a very narrow beam. Blaupunkt has redesigned this and added a convex shape to the front of the SBA01 Rekurve. The result is more sound waves flow out smoothly with the minimum disturbances. Your room gets filled with the right balance of frequencies and this creates a 3D sound effect. Most importantly, the audio experience is the same wherever you might be located in the room.

Sound Modes Through A Built In EQ System

The Sba01 Rekurve comes loaded with software that has enabled it to offer 3 sound modes. Now we all use our television to get information, news, music and entertainment. This EQ lets you choose the right output setting for the channel or device you have connected. If you are into music you will hear how the music mode fills out the sound and balances every note. In the Movie mode all your audio visual entertainments seems a lot more entertaining.

 This Is The Total Remote Control

Since the SBA01 Rekurve is a technology leader it comes with an advanced remote control. Unlike the normal remotes that just allow you to choose sources and adjust the volume the SBA01 allows you to fine tune both the treble and the bass to your exact specifications. Dedicated treble and bass buttons mean you can adjust each and get the mix that you love. In addition there is also the all the convenience a remote offers. You get good range and coverage without having to shuffle to be right in front of the soundbar.

Blaupunkt Has The German Advantage

With over a century of technological advancement and invention behind it, Blaupunkt is a leading German brand. It has a reputation for being trustworthy, dependable, and long-lasting on a global scale. Every Blaupunkt device is guaranteed to have the best audio technology and unsurpassed build quality. Each product produced by Blaupunkt is created using the best materials, components and technology available. This is what gives every Blaupunkt audio device unmatched reliability and durability.