The new Blaupunkt BTW300. Bass never thumped so hard

The new Blaupunkt BTW300. Bass never thumped so hard - Blaupunkt India

Bass has superpower with the new Blaupunkt BTW300

 They are here! What every bass lover wanted and desired has been made by Blaupunkt. The new BTW300 Bass buds have arrived and with them starts a new era of bass rich earbuds. Now let’s tell you what all these amazing buds pack in

Welcome to Bass Demo Tech

Let’s start with what these earbuds have been built for. We are talking about thumping bass that you have never experienced before. The BTW300 come loaded with Blaupunkt’s new Bass Demon tech. This is the tech that raises bass levels to the next level. You get sharper and more solid bass with no vibrations or distortions. The low end is reproduced exactly the way the composer intended. The levels are high but still balanced so that sound fidelity is maintained.

The Design adds to the Experience

Built to look great and sound even greater these buds are a marvel in design. The metallic stalks add a premium touch and the ergonomic lightweight design means they nestle in your ears comfortably. There are soft pads that ensure a snug fit and make them perfect for an active lifestyle. Go jogging, dancing or whatever you want and you will find that they stay fixed and do not need to be adjusted frequently. And you also get 3 colours to choose from. Which means you always stand out.

ENC Tech cuts out ambient sounds

Blaupunkt has loaded the BTW300 earbuds with Crispr ENC. This environment Noise Cancellation tech does its job supremely. You can hear the difference once you enter a noisy place. The MICs filter out ambient sounds and get your voice through loud and clear. The voice at the other end is also clear and clean. So there is no need to shout or repeat yourself. Conversations are easy and smooth. Just the way you love them.

Power to go on for longer

Another area the BTW300 excel in is batter life. The charging case and the buds all have more efficient batteries. You get 40hrs of playtime with each full charge. That is nearly 2 days without having to plug them in. And when you do need a top up there is Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt Fast charging. This results in faster top up. The system is so efficient that a single 15min charge gives you 60mins of playtime. Perfect for people who are always on the go and short on time.



Built for an Energetic Life

Blaupunkt has thought of everything while creating the BTW300 earbuds. They have built them keeping today’s youth and their fast paced life in mind. The buds have been built to be sweat and moisture resistant and they have an IPX5 rating. 


The latest Bluetooth and more

Connectivity is solid and fast with these amazing TWS earbuds. The latest Bluetooth version 5.3 means you get stronger connection and faster link ups. Take them out of the case and they are ready to go. They link up with your phone in a flash. And this connection is strong. You get a better rate of data transfer and also a wider range. So there is no need to carry you phone with you. Place the phone with in the range and you carry on knowing the sound will not be affected. Gamers will love the low latency. It is as fast as your reflexes. So you will hear things in real time and be able to react faster and smoother.

Built German. Built to last

 The BTW300 strongest point is its heritage. They are built to exacting German standards, which make them long lasting, durable and very tough. The materials used are of the highest quality, which means they will continue to look great even after all, the rough use you can throw at them. Blaupunkt backs up every product with a warranty that gives you peace of mind. But you might never need this, as we all know the Germans build things to perform perfectly and last and last!