Move up to Dolby Audio with the new Blaupunkt SBA01 Krisp Dolby Soundbar

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Dolby gets a Krisp Welcome. Introducing the Blaupunkt SBA01 Krisp Soundbar
Standalone soundbars have come a long way. Blaupunkt has been putting an enormous effort into making these audio systems the perfect accompaniment to your telly. Now get ready for a major leap in this category. Blaupunkt has just launched the SBA01 Krisp Dolby soundbar.

 Blaupunkt and Dolby

This is a relationship that shares one common goal – reproducing the best sound possible. Both these global brands have been pushing the boundaries of the audio technology world. Coming together again to create the SBA01 Krisp. Both the brands have worked together to load this soundbar with the latest in Dolby Audio tech. The product has been designed around the specifications and together they offer a complete package. The SBA01 Krisp has perfect audio reproduction which creates a mesmerizing experience. Once you hear this there is no turning back. Nothing else will sound as good.


100 Watts of Dolby Power

The SBA01 Krisp punches way above its size and price point. There is 100 watts of power on tap. And this power is smooth, steady and very precise. Start with the volume at a low setting and see how there is clarity and fullness of sound. Now slowly start raising the volume and you will notice that the clarity and balance stays the same yet the power output moves way up. All the wavelengths come through in pristine form. The bass thumps and rocks, the highs and lows are silken. And together you hear a different level of entertainment.


Built to Look and Sound Great

Now the design of the SBA01 is typically Blaupunkt. It is very European with its understated elegance. The materials used are very premium and reflect the quality of the machine. Outside you will find a solid and strong metal grill that adds a touch of class to the finish. While every part is designed to look fantastic, each also plays a major roll in the way sound pours out from this soundbar. The body is strong and heavy so that vibrations are minimized. The metal grill not only reduces disturbance but is solid enough to protect the premium speaker drivers inside.


4 Speaker Drivers Work in Unison

Talking about the Speaker Drivers, Blaupunkt has always ensured that only the most premium ones find their way into its product range. The SBA01 Krisp has the same story, this time multiplied by 4. That is right the SBA01 Krisp has FOUR 2.25 inch premium speaker drivers inside. These speakers are driven by an amplifier that has been tuned to use each speaker so that you get the cleanest reproduction.


Sound Modes with the EQ System

You can use the SBA01 Krisp for all your entertainment. Whether you are watching TV, listening to music or enjoying the latest movie you have the ability to get the perfectly matched sound. The SBA01 Krisp comes with 3 different preset Sound Modes – Movies, Music and Dialog. Each has been tuned to optimize the sound ranges of the different genres of entertainment you might consume.


Connections to Everything and a Mighty Remote

Like we said before the SBA01 Krisp is perfect for all your audio needs. It has the ability to connect with all your gadgets in an instance. There is HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, Optical, USB and Aux In. Once you have connected the digital devices you want through the ports or via Bluetooth then the Remote becomes your command station. It allows you to flick between sources with a single touch.


Blaupunkt has the German Advantage

With over a century of technological advancement and invention behind it, Blaupunkt is a leading German brand. It has a reputation for being trustworthy, dependable, and long-lasting on a global scale. Every Blaupunkt device is guaranteed to have the best audio technology and unsurpassed build quality. Each product produced by Blaupunkt is created using the best materials, components, and technology available. This is what gives every Blaupunkt audio device unmatched reliability and durability.