Gaming now has a new winner. The Blaupunkt SBA25 Gaming Soundbar is here.

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Blaupunkt makes gaming more fun with the new SBA25 Gaming Soundbar

Today gaming is big and getting bigger. Teens, young adults, and even Boomers are on their gaming machines fighting wars, setting up empires, flying aircraft, and playing all sorts of other games. Now Blaupunkt has added the element of perfect sound to gaming by introducing the new SBA25 Gaming Soundbar.

Built to Play. Built to Win

Designed and built for gamers the new SBA25 Gaming is a soundbar that makes any and every game more thrilling by giving the sound another level of performance. This soundbar has everything a gaming enthusiast is looking for. Let’s start with the sound. There are Dual Passive Radiators that deliver a massive 25 Watts of deep bass and crystal clear high and mid frequencies. The soundbar is designed to lie flat and have the speakers tilted towards the players. This takes the players closer into the action and enhances the overall experience.

Lights to add Drama

Dynamic RGB lights surround each speaker and throb and pulse. This emerges you further into the game by creating the perfect ambience. If you want to play in stealth mode you have the option of switching off these lights but most gamers will tell you that leaving them on makes the game more fun.

Play Where You Want

The SBA25 Gaming comes loaded with a super efficient 2000 mAh battery. This makes the entire unit mobile. One charge gives it hours of playtime and it won’t stop till you get tired. Like a elite commando unit this soundbar is ready to go with you to the toughest of places. You can carry it and set up you gaming station any where you feel like. Topping up the battery is also a breeze. Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt charging makes sure you recharge the battery as fast as possible. So the game goes on and on.

Connections and more

Like any high end Blaupunkt product the SBA25 Gaming comes with all the connectivity options. Nothing has been left out and you have the ability to connect any and every modern device. The SBA25 Gaming is loaded with AUX IN, USB IN, Bluetooth, FM and TWS. These give you fast and easy links to you phone, laptop, TV, gaming console and any thing else you might have.

Blaupunkt is on your side

 Blaupunkt understands the tough world of Gaming and has built the SBA25 Gaming to be able to withstand the rigours of this competitive world. The SBA 25 Gaming in constructed solid with the finest materials and the tech inside has been tested for durability and a long life. In addition you get the assurance of reliability and quality only a true blue German brand can give you. Every SBA25 Gaming unit carries a 1 Year Warranty and the promise of performance with peace of mind.