BTW100: Introducing the new wave of technology

BTW100: Introducing the new wave of technology - Blaupunkt India

Blaupunkt’s BTW100 Earbuds that are truly wireless, with a long battery life and intuitive touch controls. The Earbuds are sleek in design and comfortable to wear for long hours during business calls, workout sessions, or when you feel like binge-watching your favorite TV shows on end.  

BTW100 is available in 2 classic colors - black and white, with chrome and gold highlights.

Immersive Audio & Premium Design 

Have you ever pretended to be part of a music video while listening to your music? Now you can actually achieve the full experience with the BTW100 Earbuds! These feature HD Sound with Environmental Noise cancellation (ENC).  Together these ensure voice clarity and audio reproduction while filtering out ambience noise. This lets the user have an exceptional listening experience.  

The Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) used is Blaupunkt’s CRISPR technology. This is an advanced version of regular noise cancellation tech, and it performs flawlessly in filtering external noises and focusing on the human voice.  

Balanced sound is delivered through the 10mm sound drivers which enrich music with deeper bass and crystal clear mids and highs.  

BTW100 are sweat, splash, and dust resistant, making them suitable for the gym and outdoors in any weather condition.  

These Earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Users can activate Google and Siri assist with the help of the tap controls present on the earbuds.


Advanced Bluetooth version 5.1 has been used which delivers 2X faster transmission speeds when connecting the Earbuds with your device. The range between the earbuds and device is 30 feet and regardless of the distance it delivers stable connectivity, no signal loss or music dropout. What makes the Ear buds perfect for gamers is a ping amount of 80ms. This is class leading low latency that gamers will love and use to win. 

Battery Life  

These Truly Wireless Earbuds deliver a whopping 40 hours of playtime*. A 15-minute charge gives you 60 minutes of usage. So, you never run out of power while you are traveling or giving an important presentation over a video call.  


The Carrying Case of the Earbuds is a unique clamshell design. This keeps your buds safe and clean when not in use while topping up their power levels.  The Earbuds can be charged through a Type C charger which is more efficient. TurboVolt Fast Charging helps in avoiding long waits and delays when you are in a rush on Monday morning.