Blaupunkt revolutionizes the Soundbar Range with the SBA15 and SBA15GM

Blaupunkt revolutionizes the Soundbar Range with the SBA15 and SBA15GM - Blaupunkt India

Blaupunkt launches the SBA15 and SBA15GM. Standalone soundbars now enter the next level.

 Standalone soundbars have changed the world of entertainment. Gone is the need for multiple speakers, wires and the entire set up requirement. A single standalone soundbar can give you everything- great sound, connectivity and a fantastic entertainment experience. Blaupunkt has always been the leader in this segment. And now it has taken things to the next level. Introducing the SBA15 and SBA15GM Standalone Soundbars.

It’s all about the sound

Close your eyes when you first switch on either of these beauties. Their magic lies in the sound they produce. Both the SBA15 and the SBA15GM are at the top of their game in audio reproduction. The SBA15 comes with dual 2inch speaker drivers while the SB15Gm come with dual 2.5inch speaker drivers. The watts produced are 14W and 15W respectively. Now that is a lot coming from a sleek compact design. The sound is pure and loaded with bass that is thick and smooth. Whatever device you connect you will find that the sound comes out perfectly balanced.

The Design is a winner

Let’s start with the SBA15. It is sleek and sophisticated in the way it looks. You see it and you know it means business. The materials used are of the highest levels and the finish is premium. Pair it with you computer, laptop, phone or even you large TV and it will stand out as a premium product.

The SBA15GM takes things a step further. This design has built in LED lights. Now as you start it up you will see it enhances the ambience with it gentle ambient light. The shape is also unique. It stands on two points with the center off the ground. So the dual speaker drivers are accentuated and brought to the center of attention. This model is targeted at gamers and when paired with a gaming desktop or laptop giver every game a new dimension with it LED lights.

Two Bars full of Power and Tech

Both the SBA15 and SBA15GM have multipurpose designs. And to live up to their promise they have the best tech inside. You get 2000nAh batteries that give you playtime that will cover the night. The charging is fast and efficient with Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt Fast charging tech, so you don’t need to wait long for the batteries to top up. Having efficient batteries opens up a whole new world of entertainment. Now you can play games outdoors, watch movies wherever you want and fill every moment with great music.


All the Connections you want

Since these two soundbars open the world up for you they also give you the ability to connect with all the devices you use. You can connect via AUX IN/USB IN/BT/FM/TWS Function and MICRO TF CARD. That means you have all the options you could ever need. The Bluetooth connection is also very strong and give you a range of 10mtr or 30ft. That means your phone can be connected and controlling the scene while you mingle and move around. Another advantage the SBA15 and SAB15GM have is that they are real TWS enabled products. That means you can connect 2 bars and double the output.


They are German and They are Tough!

Blaupunkt understand the way you want to live your life. You choose the German brand because you know the build quality will be of the highest levels. And you are right. The SBA15 and SBA15GM are built to be taking with you. So everything about them is built to last. Blaupunkt has chosen materials and components that not only look good and perform well but also are also extremely durable and long lasting. So when you get either of these standalone soundbars home you know you will be filling it with great sound for a long, long time.