Blaupunkt launches the BTW09 AIR with Intelli Switch Off technology. A real game changer!

Blaupunkt launches the BTW09 AIR with Intelli Switch Off technology. A real game changer! - Blaupunkt India

Are you looking for the perfect set of earbuds? Something that is light, comfortable, loaded with features and smart enough to keep you connected for longer? Then read on. It looks like Blaupunkt has read your mind and created the cleverest set of earbuds in the market today. Say hello to the new BTW09 AIR, these earbuds have it all and more.

Intelli Switch Off Technology

The is one very clever technology that’s loaded in the BTW09 AIR lite earbuds. It is an artificial intelligence sort of technology that puts your earbuds to sleep when not in use for more then 2 minutes. The advantages of this tech are many. First it saves power and extends your playtime. Then comes the way it makes sure your battery is run more efficiently for a longer battery life. Then comes the fact that it makes sure you are connected for longer. To wake up your buds all you need to do is tap the on button and they instantly start up.  In short, Intelli Switch Off tech is a way to get the most from your earbuds. It is amazing that no other buds have this smart tech till now.


The pleasure of real HD Sound

Inside each earbud Blaupunkt has loaded drivers of the highest quality. These have been tuned to the design and audio amplifiers to deliver the most balanced sound. You will find the bass to be thick and true. The mid and high ranges are also perfectly aligned to create depth of sound with spatial awareness. The BTW09 AIR’s deliver a fantastic experience at all volume levels.


Play in Gaming Mode

Another amazing feature of these earbuds is the dedicated gaming mode. Better audio technology has resulted in extremely low latency and faster response to game inputs. The result here is a far superior gaming experience with excellent sound effect and music separation. Your video and audio are synced perfectly which means you will have an edge in the game.


30hrs, that’s more than a day!

Playtime is the most important feature while choosing earbuds. This is where the BTW09 AIR scores high. The carry case has a large efficient battery that charges fast and stores the energy for longer. You get more recharges for your earbuds. The earbuds themselves also have superior batteries. These also charge fast and keep you connected for longer. Together the carry case and the buds deliver a massive 30hrs of playtime.


 Premium Clear A.I. Mics

 Blaupunkt has been investing in the best MIC technology for a long time now. Their Clear A.I. Mics are probably the most acoustically advanced you can find today. The BTW09 AIR gets the latest version of these Clear A.I. Mics giving you clearer conversations with less ambient noise disturbances. In simple terms this means, no more shouting to be heard, no more repeating yourself and no more worrying about whether you got your point across or not.


 Charge them up fast

Blaupunkt has created TurboVolt Technology and each product it offers has this amazing feature in it. The BTW09 AIR also has the latest version of TurboVolt charging. The benefits of the tech are obvious. You can charge your earbuds fast and on the go. Topping them up to 100% just takes a few hours. And a few minutes of charging gives you hours of playtime. Perfect for those who are always on the go and have to time to waste.

The looks of a winner

The Blaupunkt school of design is very European. Understated, sophisticated and chic. You will see the BTW09 AIR ticks all the boxes once again. The materials used are of the highest quality and have a very premium feel. The chrome accents add a touch of bling without being over the top. The shape is very organic and fits gently in your ear.

The Blaupunkt German Advantage.
Blaupunkt is an iconic German brand with nearly 100 years of experience in the Audio world. It is known and respected globally as a brand that delivers the higher levels of reliability, durability and value for money. Once you move up to the Blaupunkt audio experience nothing else will sound as good.