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BTW100 earbuds that sound great and look even better.
Let's start with the clamshell carry case. It is smooth, edgeless and very pocket friendly. Then come the buds themselves. Perfectly shaped and adorned with chrome they look expensive. The tech within these buds is equally amazing. Loaded with CRISPR, our version of Digital ENC for clear calls and disturbance free sound, big speaker drivers, massive batteries that give 40hrs* of playtime, fast charging, and sound that will get you grooving. As you can see this is beauty with brains.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Naresh kumar
Superb Product from blaupunkt germany

Sound quality bass and noise cancellation was excellent . Driver fits sharp to my ears . Backup also good as they said So far I'm happy with the product. Tried quite a few other products but this is the best thus far.

Reema Verma
Good Quality Product

Product is good for the price range.Noise cancellation is superb ,good sound quality and works well with all devices.

Aaru Singh
Value for money

Sound Quality is amazing. The reason I went for Blaupunkt, is sound quality and that is being justified in this product. The look is good. I like the case as well, it has a sleek look to it. The bass is really good too. Overall very happy with the product.

Deepika sharma
Crystal Clear Sound

Amazing sound quality, Mids, lows and highs are perfectly balanced.