Everything you should know about TWS before you buy TWS

Every once in a while a technology is developed that takes an experience to the next level. TWS is one such technology. It is straight out of the future and offers convenience, better connectivity and an overall better audio experience.

 First let’s start with what TWS is. TWS stands for True Wireless and that simple what it is. Devices with this technology are freed from wires and connect to each other and your devices (phones, pads, etc) with the minimum hassles.

 Now let’s get a little more detailed about this. As an example let’s take TWS earbuds. Here you will find that there is no need for a master or slave earbud. The earbud you take out first becomes the master automatically and pairs up with your device the moment it comes on. It is as easy as that.  This removes the problems of pairing again and again and even trying to figure out which is the master earbud.

 In addition TWS gives you the ability to connect two sets of earbuds to a single device. That means if you are watching a movie or listening to music you can share it with someone who has the same earbuds. There will be no need to give one earbud and have each person listening to just half the sound output. This is great for flights, road trips and even at home in bed when you don’t want to disturb anybody else.

 The sound quality is also way better with TWS. Better components and more advanced tech ensure that the output quality is higher and more refined. Sound is clearer through all the frequencies. Music sound better with dramatic bass and conversations are clear and crisp.

 TWS also enhances Battery Life.  Again better technology means more efficient technology. Here are the main point you should be looking for.

  • Earbud battery should be min 60mAH

  • Carry Case battery should be min 500mAh

  • The Playtime should be min 5 hours

  • Fully charged Carry Case should charge the earbuds at least twice.

  • The combined playtime should be min 20hours

  • Standby should be min 4 days

 Since we all wear our earbuds for a long time comfort is also a must. Insist on earbuds that are designed for long use. They should be light and use high grade materials such as silicon gel. Another feature to look for is an angled design to the earbuds. This adds to the comfort and keeps the earbud secure.

Lastly, look for components made by global leaders in this category. Blaupunkt uses Realtek Chipsets and Qualcomm technology in all it’s earbuds. These are the highest quality components that you can find and result in a longer life with a better experience right through.