What To Look For In SoundBar Speakers

What To Look For In SoundBar Speakers - Blaupunkt India


First thing to check is the connectivity options.

    1. For any soundbar for which you are paying more than 5500-6000 INR ensure it has HDMI ARC(Audio Return Channel) If you have an old TV you may not have it but for all current generation TVs, it comes by default so better to stay future ready and ensure the soundbar has HDMI Port. 
    2. The standard connectivity options which would be there all across are Bluetooth, Line-In, Aux connectivity.
  • RMS- A lot of brands try to position RMS as a leading decision making factor. Please don’t go for it. There are many well known international brand who writes 300W RMS but its technical specifications don’t even support for even half of the RMS sound.  So instead, try to find
    1. Speaker Sizes of Woofer & Speaker sizes of Bars
    2. Don’t buy a soundbar which has less than 6” woofer speaker. It won’t give you the RIGHT bass. If room is small and money is a constrain go for 5.5” but absolutely nothing below it.
    3. In case you are buying a stand-alone bar, ensure it has minimum 2 passive radiators to give you ample bass. We Indians love bass and don’t compromise on it.
  • Typically a soundbar with woofer give better soundbar clarity and bass. Since here they have put individual speakers to delivers Lows (Bass via woofer) and Highs (Treble via soundbar) so by default it will give a much better experience.
  • Also, woofer speaker need space to create that thump and when its enclosed in a bigger wooden box, you can be sure of that.
  • If you can afford, look for Dolby Soundbar. For simple reason:
    1. When any brand is using Dolby he has to put in the best of the other supporting components from Texas Instruments since Dolby won’t support on cheaper Chinese chipset. This itself will give boost to the sound quality

Blaupunkt offers a variety of soundbar in all range which starts from Rs.3999-13999, with all the latest technology in it.