The new Blaupunkt SBWL100 Best Dolby atmos Soundbar is here

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Soundbars take a quantum leap. The new SBWL100 is here.

If you have been waiting for the right soundbar to come then the wait is over. Blaupunkt has brought you the future and it sounds great. We are talking about the new SBWL100 Dolby soundbar from the German iconic brand. Now, this is what it is all about.

It looks like a million bucks

Talk about beauty and brains. The SBWL100 is the ultimate combination of both. On the outside, you will find an edgeless design that whispers design premium Ness. Everything is smooth and classy.The lack of edges gives it a very organic feel that is sought after rightnow. The materials used add even more style to this fantastic form.One look and you know this is a piece of equipment that is much
higher in performance. The SBWL100 has been designed to complement the interiors of upmarket homes. And it does it with aplomb.

Welcome to Dolby Audio

There is sound and then there is DOLBY sound! You can hear and feel the difference this technology makes. The SBWL100 has true Dolby Audio inside and what you get outside is the cleanest sound with deep bass and immaculate highs. The balance of the output is perfect. Movies, music, the news, games, everything moves up a notch or two. Now Dolby is not something you can just put into a piece of equipment. It has to be earned by meeting very high standards.That means components, design, and materials need to be of a
certain level before Dolby allows you to use their tech and name. The SBWL100 not only meets but also surpasses all requirements. The audio experience created is truly beyond comparison.

You control the Bass and Treble

Most soundbars today come with preset audio options. While these are good and work very well they do not allow you to tune the audio output to exactly your desired levels. The SBWl100 comes equipped with a remote that lets you fine-tune the bass and treble levels. That means you can make music thump, watch movies without the need for subtitles and play games with the sound added to your skill levels.

Connectivity to make all your devices happy

The SBWl100 is intelligent by design and technology. Blaupunkt understands that in today’s world connectivity is very important. The new SBWL100 has thought of everything. You get true Global connectivity. This Soundbar has HDMI ARC/OPTICAL/COAXIAL and AUX-In. These will allow you to create a total entertainment system with all your devices connected and able to access this beauty. Each of these connectivity options has been chosen for the link-up qualityand the fidelity they offer.

Blaupunkt Quality is forever

Blaupunkt has always stood for better quality and performance. Whatever the product might be Blaupunkt makes sure it is built better, has the best technology, gives you great value for money, and lasts a long time. The SBWL100 carries on this tradition of excellence. Once you get this soundbar home you will not want anything else and you will not need to because it will give you flawless superior performance for a long long time.