Soundbar Troubleshooting Guide

Soundbar Troubleshooting Guide - Blaupunkt India



No Power

·Ensure the main plug is connected to power supply, and is switched ON

·Make sure there is power to the main socket.


No Sound

·Make sure if playing from the aux input, the external source has the volume turned up & is outputting sound.

·Make sure the volume is turned up.

·If using HDMI-ARC, ensure the source Digital Output is set to PCM, LPCM, PCM 2CH stereo or PCM downmix.

·Bluetooth device not paired. Check “Pairing a Bluetooth device”

No output from Soundbar

·Unplug the power cable for 1 minute then plug back in again

Remote does not work

·Reduce the distance between the remote & main unit.

·Check the batteries are installed correctly.

·Replace the batteries.

·Aim the remote directly at the soundbar


Sound coming from soundbar is distorted

·If possible, Try turning down the volume of your audio source.

· There may be audio processing occurring prior to reaching the sound bar. Make sure to disable the audio processing