SBW250 : Introducing the SBW250. Is this the big daddy of soundbars!

SBW250 : Introducing the SBW250. Is this the big daddy of soundbars! - Blaupunkt India

Power, tech, style and more. Trust the German iconic brand to give you all with the SBW250


Are you looking for the perfect soundbar? Do you want something that will enhance your entertainment needs? Do you need something that will look great even when it is turned off? Look no further than the SBW250 Soundbar by Blaupunkt. Introduced a few days ago this soundbar ticks all the boxes and takes entertainment to the highest levels.


Let 200watts blow you mind

When it comes to soundbar then the first thing you need to check is the sound. The SBW250 delivers everything you want. First there is 200watts of sound produced. This means that even at low volumes the quality of sound is perfect. The bass is fulfilling and the audio separation is perfect. Raise the volume nad you will see the experience gets enhanced as you move up. The sound gets richer and the thump gets even richer. You will start to feel it in the pit of your stomach. The sound is balanced and you get perfect separation that makes movies and music video a treat to watch.


The Built in Equalizer does the rest

Now that you know about the amount of sound the SBW250 produces let us tell you about the quality of this output. There is a built in equalizer that balances and controls the audio. There are 4 sound modes to choose from – Song, Cinema, Dialog and 3D. Each is distinct and precise in what it does. You just need to use the remote to select the mode to match what you are listening too. So if it is a movie shift to Cinema and see how you get a real theatre like experience. Or if it is the News then move to Dialog and hear the voices as they were meant to be.


A massive 8inch Woofer

Today the need is for big sound. Everybody likes it that way. Whether it is music or movies we all love it when the sound moves us. And this is what the SBW250 does brilliantly thanks to its 8inch woofer. This woofer is incased in a solid frame that increase the feel and eliminates any vibration. The Woofer is large and makes its presence felt thanks to its size and design.


World Connectivity at your disposal

Now we all want an audio system that will be compatible with all the devices we surround ourselves with. And the SBW250 gives you everything connection option you need in today’s world. You have Bluetooth, HDMI- ARC, AUX and USB. With these you can connect your phone, laptop, Flatscreen TV, and even an old CD player. All options are open. The connections are all of the highest quality and audio reproduction is always of the highest quality possible. Pairing through Bluetooth is simple and fast. Just a few clicks and you are done. Once the device has been paired the playback is seamless and fast.



The German promise of Quality and Reliability

The SBW250 comes from Blaupunkt, the German iconic brand with nearly 100 years of experience. This means the build quality and reliability are of the highest order. Blaupunkt uses the finest materials, has a great testing facility and makes sure every component delivers at the top level. Like all German products you are assured years of faultless service. Minimum maintenance is required and all you need to do is switch it on when you want the best sound to fill your home.


To add to your peace of mind Blaupunkt backs the SBW250 with a One Year Warranty. This protects you from any manufacturing defect (which there will not be as it is a German brand). In case in the improbable situation that you run into a problem, manufacturing or if it was damaged while being delivered to you, the one year warranty means you will be able to return the product. Blaupunkt Customer Car will ensure you get the best service and are given total support.


So, forget all the other soundbars. At this price point there is nothing better than the SBW250 in the market today. This is a machine that will satisfy all your entertainment needs today and for a long time to come.