Rock and roll times are thumping with Blaupunkt’s new PS75 party speaker.

Rock and roll times are thumping with Blaupunkt’s new PS75 party speaker. - Blaupunkt India


Best Party SpeakerBlaupunkt has done it again, another launch of a great product with amazing sound and features. The new PS75 Rock and Roll party speaker is here. Now this amazing piece of audio tech is really a game changer. Here is what it is all about.

The Sound that gets people moving

One look at the PS75 and you know this means business. It stands over a foot high and is broad and solid. It is built to pout out sound at high volume for hours. Inside, you will find two large 5.25" woofers and one tweeter. Together, they pump out 75 watts of the finest sound ever. Raise the volume, and you will hear the audio rise without distortions or disturbances.

Party Speaker

Built from real wood

Here again, Blaupunkt has made a big difference that only a premium brand can. The PS75 is constructed out of real hardwood that has been sourced from sustainable resources. Nothing loves audio reproduction more than wood. The best speakers in the world use this material as it has the finest acoustics. Wood does not vibrate or diffuse sound in any way. In fact, it actually enhances the quality of sound produced by the drivers. Now, this is something you have to hear to understand, but trust us, it is on the phenomenal side.

The light of the party

The PS75 comes loaded with a set of RGB lights. These throb and strobe with the music and add a magical vibe to your get together. The lights are cleverly hidden behind the mesh that covers the speakers, and when they are not on, you cannot even make out they are there. Once you switch them on, the fun begins. Colours and sound mix get to party together. The atmosphere changes, and the fun gets accelerated.

Where do you want to party

The PS75 is built to get up and go with you. It is big but built compactly so that you can take it with you wherever you want. There is a 2400mAh battery that powers it for up to 12 hours*. That is from sunset to sunrise! This battery charges fast too. Blapunkt’s TurboVolt fast charging technology makes sure of this.

Connections to Your Life

The PS75 comes with all the connections you need. There is Bluetooth, so you can get your music from your phone. A USB slot for you to connect with a drive or another digital device. And finally, you have an AUX port that makes solid connections to whatever else you use.

Best  Bluetooth Party SpeakerKaraoke and a guitar connection too

Everyone loves karaoke. And the PS75 is ready to play along. You can attach a mic and start singing. The audio tech inside the PS75 has been setup to automatically give you the best mix. The sound will be balanced, with solid bass and clear treble. If you want to give your guitar a lot of volume, then hook it up too. Start playing, and you will get the feeling that you are at a rock concert.

The Blaupunkt advantage

Every Blaupunkt product comes with a promise of uncompromised build quality and the finest audio technology. Blaupunkt makes sure each of its products is made with materials of the highest grade. And as a brand, we stand behind each one with a 1 Year warranty. Our customer care team is always there to make sure the music never stops. And it will not, because Blaupunkt products are built to last and last.