Music brings people together. Introducing the BB25 and BB50 from the Blaupunkt Atomik series.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

"BB25 Unleashing the Boombox Brilliance by Blaupunkt!"


"BB50 Boombox Unleashed: Blaupunkt's Epic Launch in Portable Audio Innovation!"

Nothing brings people together like music. And when the music sounds great it brings out the best in everyone. That’s what the new BB25 and BB50 do and they do it very well. Part of the Blaupunkt Atomik series, both these boomboxes are filled with the latest tech to create a unique audio experience. Let’s get to know them a little better and you will see how they do this. 

Let’s start with the design 

Everybody is different and so are the BB25 and BB50. In terms of design both follow different styles. The bb50 is rounded, has a built in handle and looks modern and slick. The BB25 is  has a more angular design, with rounded edges that is. There is a very cool retro feel about it which oozes style and class. The materials used in both are top notch and you can see it in the weight and the way it feels. All the buttons are smooth with positive feedback. So apart from bring everyone together the BB25 and BB50 give them lots to talk about too. 

Sounds like a great thing 

Now we all get a boombox to fill our lives with music. The BB25 and BB50 take this to another level. First there is the amount of sound they produce. The BB25 pumps out 35Watts and the BB50 makes 50 Watts. This is not ordinary sound. You hear the clarity, feel the bass and revel in the volume produced. To make this awesome music the BB25 has two premium 3 inch full range speakers. The BB50 takes things a little further and has two 3 inch and two 2 inch full range speakers (four speaker in total). The design and materials used also help in the audio fidelity. Being built better there are no vibrations or distortions. You can pump up the volume knowing you will continue to get great sound. 

 RGB Lights to set the mood 

Batteries that go all night long 

Now we all like the fun to go on non stop. So do the B25 and BB50. Both f them come with effect batteries that deliver long playtimes without breaking into a sweat. The BB25 has a 3000mAh battery and the BB50 has a 4500mAh battery. Blaupunkt has installed larger and necessary batteries because it knows through nearly 100 years of experience that the party never stops. Both these batteries support Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt tech and have fast charging capabilities. 


Karaoke for the Star in you 

There nothing more fun than a great karaoke evening. It gets everybody in the groove. And if you are lucky you also end up finding the next big rockstar. Now both the BB25 and the BB50 come karaoke ready. They have MIC that are tuned to give you the best results. The audio mix has been balanced to studio levels so the performance will always be great. 


Connections the World wants 

It’s all about connecting and getting a link to the best. Whether it is people or entertainment. Here to the BB25 and BB50 shine. They come future ready with all the ports and links you need. There is fast pairing Bluetooth with a very steady bond, Aux In and USB In for wired connections, FM for when you want the radio, TWS function that allows you to link 2 boomboxes together and double your wattage, and a Micro TF card slot for your curated playlists. What more can you ask for! 


The Blaupunkt assurance of Reliability and Durability 

Now we know you want to take your music with you every where. So both these boomboxes have been built tough. Blaupunkt has nearly 100 years of experience and is iconic global brand. It is know for its reliability and build quality. This means you can relax and make these boomboxes a apart of everything you do. They are built to last and to keep performing at the top level.