Go Extreme! Discover the power of 99hrs of Playtime with the Blaupunkt BE100 Extreme

Go Extreme! Discover the power of 99hrs of Playtime with the Blaupunkt BE100 Extreme - Blaupunkt India

Get more than a week of Entertainment with one charge. Introducing the Blaupunkt BE100 Extreme

 If you have been waiting for the right Neckband Audio system to come along then your wait it over. Blaupunkt has launched the BE100 Extreme and this ticks all the right boxes. It is as if they have made a list of every need a customer could have and then built a neckband around this. Here are what you need to know about the BE100 Extreme.

99Hrs Of Playtime!

Yes you read that right. One charge gives you 99 hours of Playtime. To put this in perspective one charge gives you more than 8 days of entertainment at 12 hours of listening every day. Let’s translate that further. That means 4 movies a day for 8 Days. Or more than 12 ODI matches. You get what we are saying. Now this might be the biggest reason to get the BE100 Extreme but there are more. Read on to discover them.


Designed For Today’s World

Most neckbands are pains in the neck. Not the BE100 Extreme. It has been designed for all day comfort. Every part of the BE100 Extreme has focused on long hours of usage. The main body is light and strong thanks to the high quality materials used. Both the ends are balanced so the little weight gets distributed perfectly. The earbuds are compact and have soft foam that fit your ears. The wires are of the perfect length so you have complete mobility.


Silent Vibrator Alert Function

Getting calls discretely is important in today’s world. You don’t want to disturb others. The BE100 Extreme has thought of this too. Switch on the Silent Vibrator Alert mode while you are in a meeting or with friends, and you will get a gentle vibration when you get a call. Nobody will know!


Real Time Power Display

The BE100 Extreme has a real time power display that tells you the status of your battery. Since you will be charging it about once a week it will be easy to forget to do so. But one look at the display and you will know in an instance.


Fast To Charge

The batteries incorporated into the BE100 Extreme are high efficiency models. They have been built to run cooler and charge fast. Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt charging tech is  the brains behind this speed. This system gets your battery powered to full in the shortest time possible. Great for those times when you just have a few minutes and want hours of playtime.


All This And Great Sound

Supreme! That’s the only way to describe the sound the BE100 Extreme produces perfectly balanced sound with massive bass. Inside the buds you will find premium drivers that have been built tough. The sound that pours out is rich in all the highs, smooth with the mids and solid with the low frequencies. Start with the volume set at low and then slowly raise it. You will hear how the mix of the music does not alter. It remains the same and only the volume goes up.


Blaupunkt Has The German Advantage

With over a century of technological advancement and invention behind it, Blaupunkt is a leading German brand. It has a reputation for being trustworthy, dependable, and long-lasting on a global scale. Every Blaupunkt device is guaranteed to have the best audio technology and unsurpassed build quality. Each product produced by Blaupunkt is created using the best materials, components, and technology available. This is what gives every Blaupunkt audio device unmatched reliability and durability.