Get the best Home Theater without breaking the bank. The New SBW550 from Blaupunkt.

Get the best Home Theater without breaking the bank. The New SBW550 from Blaupunkt. - Blaupunkt India

Blaupunkt has done it again. This time with the new SBW550 5.1 soundbar. Now we know the soundbar market is crowded but this one stands out for it perfectly balanced performance and the sheer number of features it offers through superior technology. 

Design and Tech perform!

Let’s start with how this system looks. There is a sleek soundbar that is built tough. It has a metal grill with smooth edges. Then comes the Woofer. Again it just means business. It is solid and you know the 8 inch speaker driver inside will just pour out bass with ease. For the rear there are 2 satellite speaker. Here again the design does a great job of looking good while delivering superior performance. Blaupunkt has got every detail right. Everything, the design outside and the tech inside, works in harmony to give you the performance of your life. 

Best Home theater

360 Degree Surround Sound 

To get the perfect home theater experience you need to set up the SBW550 in the right way. The bar with the screen, the woofer in front and the rear satellite speakers on either side at the back of the room. While this is pretty simple, the results are phenomenal. The system’s intelligence breaks up the sound and creates a complete 360 degree experience than envelopes you. You live the moment. There is sound movement, voices come clearly and the overall effect is tremendous. 

Best Home theater

An intelligent EQ with Sound Modes 

Now we know you will want to use the SBW550 with all your audio and video content. Blaupunkt understands this well. That is why it has built in an intelligent EQ system that offers yu 3 sound modes : Movies, Music and News. Each is tuned differently and gives the content playing a better audio experience. Movies have clear dialogues and background scores, music seems fuller with deeper bass, and the news comes through crisp and clear. 

250 Watts of Pure Sound 

The SBW550 is not short of power. It delivers 250 Watts of sound  output with ease. There is no distortion or disturbances. AS you raise the volume the sound retains it’s balance and just lifts itself to reach great levels. The audio output is pure with every frequency being able to ring through. The best thing about this performance is that the SBW550 is at home both in small and large rooms. 

 Home theater

The Remote Control that you always wanted 

You’ll find the remote control the SBW550 comes with a great bit of tech. It is sleek and fits perfectly into your hand. And the design incorporates every function you need. Once you have the remote in your hand you will not need to access any other control. All the sound modes, balance and fader, and other options are there at your fingertips. 

 Blaupunkt gives you The German Advantage 

Blaupunkt is a nearly 100 year old global brand that has built it’s reputation on the strengths of technology, build quality and durability. This iconic German brand has made sure it’s entire range delivers years of performance. It has done this by using the best technology, constant innovation, incorporating the best materials and designs, and by creating products that are strong, cutting edge and future proof.