Evolution and a Revolution! That’s the new Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum earbuds for you.

Evolution and a Revolution! That’s the new Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum earbuds for you.

What we are getting to witness is the start of a new era of earbuds. First came ENC, then we moved up to ANC now Blaupunkt has shifted gears and raced ahead to a new world of Hybrid ANC with the new Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum. 

What is Hybrid ANC? 

As the name suggests it is how Noise Cancellation has upgraded to the next level. This is technology takes all the development that has happened in ENC and ANC, puts them together to create something far superior. This is genuinely a quantum leap in performance. Noise filtration needed this jump to become truly effective and intelligent. And that is what the Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum ensure you get. 

Only Hybrid ANC can filter sound up to 42dB. 

You read that right. The Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha delivers 42dB of Noise filtration. Now this is what some tech gurus are calling the most efficient noise filtration. Till now most ordinary ANC earbuds could only achieve about 50% of this . Blaupunkt has built these new earbuds to break barriers and push performance levels to new heights. 

Hybrid ANC has selectable levels of filtration. 

Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum gives you features that you have always felt you needed but were never able to get. Now the technology exists to give you total control over the way your Noise Cancellation works. Enter the ANC modes! You get 3 different modes of ANC with the Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum. The first is FULL HYBRID ANC, this filters out al ambient sounds to give you uninterrupted calls, music and entertainment. Then comes TRANSPARENT MODE which if perfect for the outdoors. You can be aware of your surroundings with just the right amount of ambient sound being allowed in. This mode is all about safety and is perfect for working out outdoors, cycling, adventure sports, etc. And finally, we have the ANC OFF MODE. One little tap and all noise filtration is off. You get to hear everything around you and also what you choose to play through the Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum. 

Imagine Earbuds with 6 MICS. 

6 MICs seems like a lot (it is probably the highest in the industry) but you need them. Blaupunkt has invested heavily over the years in the development of better MICs. And their efforts have paid off. The Clear A.I. Mics that this German brand installs in all their Personal Audio products is clearly way ahead. The Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha Platinum use 6 of these MICs. Each of these 6 Clear A.I. MICs has a specific function and together they give you the best audio clarity. A few work at sampling ambient sounds and then teaming up with the Hybrid ANC tech to remove them. Still more MICs work at transmitting your voice. And the remaining function as balances to make sure that however noisy your surrounding might be you will have the best conversations. 

The Revolutionary 22nm HIFI-5 DSP Chip 

Yu might not have heard of this chip but it is what every earbuds brand hopes to offer some day. Blaupunkt has used this breakthrough chip to be the brain behind the software that drives the Hybrid ANC. In fact without this chip Hybrid ANC would not be possible. Only this little driver has the computing power to instantly identify, separate and then filter out noise. There are other advantages that this chip brings to the table. It is more compact, saves up to 20% power and increase playtime. 

A long list of features. 

While the real reason to instantly upgrade to the new Blaupunkt BTW300 Moksha is the performance of the Hybrid ANC tech there are a lot of other features here that you will love. It is like the icing on the cake. To start with there is Wireless charging so you can charge them in your car without fiddling with wire and connectors. Then there is Blaupunkt’s BlinkPair tech that makes connecting with your phone and instant process. Just take out any one earbud and within a snap they are paired. You also get Turbo Volt Charging, that tops up your batteries super quick. It is really fast and just 10mins charging gives you 240mins of Playtime. Not that you will be needing to charge often as these earbuds have 50hrs of Playtime. 


Designed in Matt Black 

Since you now know every tech detail of these wonder earbuds let’s give you another reason why you will love them. They come in MATT BLACK! Yes! Not the shiny black that nearly every earbud has. These are Dark, deep and totally matt. This gives them a very different feel. They look very premium and totally classy. There is an understated elegance that is hard to describe but instantly felt when you see them. This is a total case of beauty and brains coming together. 

Blaupunkt Has the German Advantage 

With over a century of technological advancement and invention behind it, Blaupunkt is a leading German brand. It has a reputation for being trustworthy, dependable, and long-lasting on a global scale. Every Blaupunkt device is guaranteed to have the best audio technology and unsurpassed build quality. Each product produced by Blaupunkt is created using the best materials, components, and technology available. This is what gives every Blaupunkt audio device unmatched reliability and durability.