Blaupunkt adds lights and entertainment to Standalone Soundbars with the SBA20 Pro

Blaupunkt adds lights and entertainment to Standalone Soundbars with the SBA20 Pro - Blaupunkt India

Soundbars have come a long way. Blaupunkt has always been at the forefront of audio technology and has developed the ordinary soundbar to what we all love and admire today. Now this German iconic brand has raised the bar one more. Enter the SBA20 Pro! This Standalone soundbar is everything rolled into one exciting package.  

Let’s start with the Design 

Blaupunkt has always had a very elegant and understated design language. It has been positively European with it form. The SBA20 has the same design DNA but with added spice. At first glance you see the clean lines. As you start looking at the details you see the magic that has happened. The SBA 20 Pro has a hexagonal shape with lights to accentuate the  angles. The Blaupunkt logo on the sides is backlit in its brand blue and is surrounded by  a band in the same colour.  This is such a wonderful look that you want to turn the lights off and  enjoy the effect

Party Speaker

Built In RGB Lights 

Now what does music really need? Lights of course. In all the colours you can think of. The SBA20 Pro scores top marks here again. This soundbar has a panel of lights underneath it. These start with Red and then go to Green and end with Blue. As the colours mix they create a million other shades. Being at the base of the soundbar these RGB lights create an illusion that the SBA20 Pro is floating on a bed of lights. 

Sounds like a Live Concert 

It takes a very special understanding of audio technology to get the perfect balance of sound from a standalone soundbar. Blaupunkt has used its vast experience to make sure the SBA20 Pro exceed the performance of some much larger sound systems. Driving the sound are dual 2 inch high performance speakers. These have solid mounts to eliminate vibrations. The acoustic enclosure has been designed to maximize bass and keep the mid and high ranges clean.  The power output is enormous and the SBA20 Pro punches way above its watts class to make larger systems sound puny in front of it.  

One Soundbar. Many Uses 

Now you may just want to pair the SBA20 Pro with your TV and enjoy all our video content like never before. But then you would be missing out on all the things the SBA20 Pro makes possible. Having a super-efficient built in battery means you can take this soundbar with you. Carry it on picnics, take it on treks, bring it along for long drives… it will be able to go with you everywhere. During the day it will be your personal audio system, in the evening it will be ready to take you to the movies. And after the show it will be able to party with you all night long. If you are a gamer then hook it up to your Comp or console and see the difference it makes.  

Party Speaker with Mic

Built In Battery makes it cool. 

The SBA20 Pro comes with a solid built-in battery. This is a 2000mAh premium, super-efficient battery that delivers a long playtime on every charge. Added to this Blaupunkt has incorporated TurboVolt Charging so you get fast charging. You can go from 0 to 100% really fast and also get hours of playtime with minutes of charging time. 

Ready to connect with everything 

Blaupunkt knows you want a seamless world where all your devices ca be connected with each other. The SBA20 Pro ensures this is possible. It has all the right ports and connectivity options you need -- AUX IN/ USB IN / BT/ FM/ TWS Function / MICRO TF CARD. So, no matter what you have, this standalone soundbar will connect with it. Mobile phones, ipods, pads, comps, laptops, amplifiers, vinyl players, etc. Everybody is welcome to make music.  

Blaupunkt has the German Advantage 

With over a century of technological advancement and invention behind it, Blaupunkt is a leading German brand. It has a reputation for being trustworthy, dependable, and long-lasting on a global scale. Every Blaupunkt device is guaranteed to have the best audio technology and unsurpassed build quality. Each product produced by Blaupunkt is created using the best materials, components, and technology available. This is what gives every Blaupunkt audio device unmatched reliability and durability.