The New Blaupunkt BB35 Boombox pumps up the Jam.

So you like to party and want a great way to make it rock? Here is the answer to all your needs. Blaupunkt has just launched the new BB35 Boombox and it is a party machine like no other.


Let’s start with the design. Sleek, compact and very new age this box of beats is totally portable. The slim carry handle means you can carry your beats with you and make it pour music wherever you go. And you can take it anywhere. The IPX5 rating means it is splash proof and dust proof making it perfect for the beach and for pool parties.


Then there is the tech inside. Here is where the competition just fades away. This compact piece of tech pours out 30Watts of power. Two 3 inch woofers and dual passive radiators make the sound full and add a thick rich bass.


Then comes the control. All of them are there of course. Since this is Blaupunkt tech we are dealing with, you can expect lots more. To start with there is Voice Activation. Press the Pause button and speak directly to Siri or Google Assistant. That should keep your hands free for other things.


Moving on to the battery you will find that there is enough power to keep you rocking till the sunrises. Loaded with a 3000mAh battery the BB35 is equipped to pump out track after track. You will see that it charges fast and then give you up to 7 hrs playtime with the volume at 50%.


To set the mood and make the evening flash there are lights that are concealed within. Switch them on and they light up the speakers. You can get these in-built strobe lights to throb with the beat to just fill the room with a incredible glow.


Connectivity has also been taken care off. There is FM Radio, USB, SD, MP3 and AUX. Enough ways to ensure you never run out of music and have all the options to play with. In addition, there is Bluetooth that pairs easily and fast. And gives you a range of 30ft to allow you to move to the beat in every way that you want.


One feature that will blow your mind is the True Wireless Connectivity (TWS) Here you can pair two BB35s and make them play as one. Doubling your power output instantly and taking the music to concert levels.


All this comes from the German Iconic brand, so you are assured of quality and performance. Now all you need to do is get one or two and get the party rocking.

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