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These are the wired earphones that you need. They have everything in terms of features and tech. Let’s start with the sound. It is clear and rich at whatever volume you choose. Conversations are clear and music pours out hot with deep bass and crystal highs. The control panel is placed conveniently and has a design that is intuitive. Your fingers will find all the functions instinctively. In addition, there is an online MIC that is sensitive enough to pick up whisper and deliver them clearly. The wire is 1.5 meters long and designed to detangle free and the 3.5mm jack gives you access to all your digital devices.

10mm driver
In line track controls


Model Name
Model Year
Headphone Type
In the Ear
Driver Size
10 mm
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
14 oHm
105 ± 3 dB
Plug Pin
3.5 mm
Cable Length
120 cm
Smartphone, Laptops, Tablets, computers & all device which is having 3.5 mm Jack
Item Weight
9 gm
What’s in the Box
1 Earphone, 2 Extra Earbuds of S, M Size,1 User Manual          
Designed & Developed In
Country of Origin/ Manufacturing
Approved By
Blaupunkt Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Somor jyoti Bora

EM20 Wired Earphone

Midhun chand

Good product

Bang For The Buck.

Balanced sound profile. No one frequency is over emphasized or boosted. You'll hear every instruments in its original tones that is a rarity in these days especially in this price range. The icing on the cake is its wide soundstage. Instruments/sounds comes to you from different spaces/directions. Immersive music/sound experience. Regarding the microphone person on the other end hears me loud and clear without any difficulty. Therefore, it's a all rounder. This is the best earphone with mic in this price range hands down.

First I would like to thank for the genuine replacement. Now let me share my thoughts about the product and its experience.

First time I received a recertified product without extra ear gels and ear hooks. Moreover, genuiness of the product was questionable. The braided cable was thick, of cheap quality and looked as if it will come off the cable easily. Even the earphones were hollow and sounded cheap. I was shocked and totally disappointed. I thought I made a terrible mistake by choosing blaupunkt earphone.

However, I received the replacement it was a genuine product. How do you know? You may ask.

Let me explain, first the package was different from the previous one it was not the cheap transparent earphone holder but black colour earphone holder inside the product box.

Secondly, the braided cable was thin and it was tightly woven together that will last for a long time.

Thirdly, the earphone was not hollow but was strong and had a little weight to it.

Fourthly, most importantly it sounded good unlike the first one which was shallow and without any kind of depth or definition of sound like cheap earphone you'll find with the roadside vendors.

Then I realized as I doubted the first one was a copy and not the original product. Now I'm happy about the product and do not regret for choosing blaupunkt earphone.

I wondered how come copy was sent to me by the authorized seller. There can be only two ways it can happen either someone is messing things up in the wearhouse or the supplier is doing something fishy.

Either way I encourage the seller to be vigilant with the employees and the supplier so that their business will not get affected because of copies. It will gradually ruin their name and business and will eventually lead them go out of business.

Thank you once again for the genuine replacement that helped me to regain my trust with blaupunkt.

Ritwik J.
Loved the EM20 earphones, became my daily driver! :)

I already own a pair of Blaupunkt BTW01s and I must say I absolutely love them, thats why when my Apple earpods wire snapped, I went ahead and purchased the EM20s for a replacement as my daily wired driver and I'm saying this after 2 months since my purchase, they stood up to my expectation, rather far exceeding it. I will say this, they are much better than my Apple earpods that I had, these EM20 pair easily beats them in-terms of both overall sound quality, sturdiness and price. I listen to a variety of songs from English, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. and these handles those different types of audio tracks pretty well.

It also surprised me that how close the sound quality for the EM20s comes close to Blaupunkt's BTW01s audio quality. They also shine in-terms of their in-ear comfortability. I have wore it for a max of 5 hours straight and still did have any sort of ear pain, so thats good. Another thing I noticed is that vocals are very clear on these, so listening to lectures is also a great experience on this earphones.

I will highly recommend anyone who is looking for a wired pair of earphones under ₹2000 to go for these, the EM20s definitely won't disappoint you. Also, cheers to Blaupunkt for making such a good quality earphone and making them available at such cheap price, Keep up the good work guys! 👍


I was expecting basic functionality like previous track on YouTube and last number redial. It works for next track 👍