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Blaupunkt Legacy

A century of experience in globally acknowledged quality and continuous innovation, these are the main values that characterize the Blaupunkt brand. In the 1920s Blaupunkt still had another name. In 1923 the “Ideal” company was founded in Berlin. It first produced headphones. Every single item was carefully tested by technicians and labelled with a quality symbol – the blue point. It did not take long before customers simply asked for the blue point – headphones. The quality symbol had turned into a trade mark. In 1938 it eventually became the company’s name. Now Blaupunkt has a high-end performance portfolio of innovative, absolutely reliable consumer electronics products in the highest functional quality to satisfy optimally the widely diverse requirements of customers and users. Blaupunkt is the tried-and-trusted brand in the field of consumer electronics, car multimedia, and all related.