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Truly Wireless Earbuds : The One That matches your needs

True Wireless Stereo (or TWS) is the latest in amazing audio technology. True Wireless earbuds have advanced to the forefront of audio technology, from Apple Airpods to Sennheiser to Sony to Blaupunkt Audio. You have full freedom to move while you wear them: you don't have to connect them to your phone via wires, or even to one another.

Analysis of Your Needs:

1. Are You a big fan of Music, that brilliant Sound you are so fond off

  • You should look for a TWS which has the HD Sound.
  • The sound drivers must be 5mm or more, for the sound quality
  •  Chipset used in TWS which produce super bass

Though all the cheap brands also claim the HD sound, but how would you as a consumer evaluate that the brand you are buying has it.

  1. Latest Bluetooth Version: The old Bluetooth versions were much limited when it comes to data transfer, but the new versions are much more capable and they can deliver pretty good audio quality (even Hi-Res audio in some cases). The new devices that support one of the latest Bluetooth versions combined with aptX HD or LDAC support can deliver an impressive sound quality.
  2. The Style that you want to flaunt but which is also comfortable in your ears

Lot of earbuds gives you the style statement that you can flaunt. You can not only buy the earbuds to flaunt, it has to be comfortable in your ears for long wear. Blaupunkt gives you those stylish external steel rings on the buds which looks so different when you wear. You could flaunt them like you would like to flaunt any of the global German car. These are super comfortable & light to wear as well in your ears.

  1. Battery Life of Earbuds & its charging case


TWS come with battery life of their own in order to stay alive and connected to our devices. The battery life on both, the earbuds and the case is very important. The buds’ battery life will decide how long they can stay alive while going through an audio session and the case’s battery life will decide how often you can charge up your buds again before you have to plug the case itself back to a wall. Just remember that having a lot of battery in the buds is important, look for a TWS which at least have minimum 15 Hrs of battery with charging case

  1. Are you a Fan of Gaming


If you are a fan of Gaming & mainly play games like PUBG, FAUG, Call of Duty, Fortnite etc. on your smartphones, then investing in TWS which has gaming mode is the best option.  Most of the gamers who have used TWS earphones for gaming report lag in the audio. This is primarily because Bluetooth is not a reliable option for fast transfer of data as compared to other mediums. This caused lag in the audio coming from the earbuds & on-screen action happening in the game. Now companies like Sony, Blaupunkt, Sennheiser are offering low-latency gaming mode to solve the lag issue. Gaming mode helps to synchronize the audio & on-screen game audio, which results in a better gaming experience. So, it is recommended to look for those TWS that have low-latency Gaming mode.  

  1. Do you talk alot on the buds, the criticality of Mic clarity

A lot of people rely on earbuds at work both to keep them motivated & to take calls. Now a days most earbuds treat mic as an afterthought, but some manufacturers take voice quality as serious as sound quality. Blaupunkt also take microphone quality one of the main testing criteria in all personal audio range. For clear mic quality following key points you can check before buying a TWS:

  • Silicon Mic
  • Build of the Ear buds

Blaupunkt TWS also make sure to deliver the best combination of call quality, sound, comfort, and extra features like gaming mode, bass mode. And with Bluetooth, you can control volume as well as play, pause, and more on your Android as well as on Apple devices.

Keep in mind that cheap earbuds below 2K guaranteed will not give you a good mic in any case