The New BTW07 ANC Moksha. Active Noise Cancellation now sounds good and looks great!

The New BTW07 ANC Moksha. Active Noise Cancellation now sounds good and looks great!

It’s here finally! WE have been waiting for the German iconic brand Blaupunkt to launch their Active Noise Cancellation technology. And it comes in the most exciting package - the BTW07 ANC Moksha.


 Let’s start with the thing you see first. The form factor is simply amazing. The flip-top box with the convenient lanyard is simply stunning. Smooth edged, sleek and very pocket-friendly this charging case houses a set of earbuds that are equally well designed. The earbuds are small and built for comfort. The angle of the earpieces gives them amazing stability and a secure fit. Together the buds and the charging case ooze premiumness and set them apart from the ordinary earbuds on the market today.


 Now about the technology. Blaupunkt’s ANC is way ahead of the competition. While ordinary ANC earbuds work around 25dB these go way further and handle 30dB of external noise. That means conversations are quieter and with the least amount of disturbances. Perfect for the real world where things are getting louder by the day.

Each earbud has 2 MICs, which makes a total of 4. Of these 2 mics are master mics for your voice and 2 are for picking up external feeds so that they can be eliminated. We tried them out at the airport, on the metro and in a very loud and busy market. The people we were talking with had no idea where we were.


In terms of playtime and battery life. Let’s say these earbuds have understood people’s lifestyles. No more battery anxiety and no more constantly looking for a charging point. Together the earbuds and the charging case give you a whopping 40  hours of playtime at 50% volume. So watch your movies and serials, play games, listen to music and talk your heart away without fearing that you will run out of juice. And if you ever do then the fast charge that gives you 4hours of playtime with a short 15 mins charge will keep you connected. 

There are other factors that make the BTW07 ANC way better. Take the Type C charging port. the 10mm driver that delivers thick velvety bass. The latest Bluetooth 5.2 tech. And the 60ms low latency for seamless gaming. All out together make this the best set of earbuds from the German master. 



So if you are looking for the top of the line ANC earbuds grab the BTW07 Moksha now. The only thing you will need to think about is which colour you should go for - Black, white or blue! Making that choice is tough but since the price point is so brilliant we suggest you get all 3.


Blue Dot of Perfection.

A company named “Ideal” was first founded in Berlin when radio was still in its infancy. Every unit was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a seal for quality – the blue dot. It did not take long before customers simply asked for the “bluepoint” (which means in German BLAUPUNKT) products. The blue dot quickly became a symbol of outstanding quality.