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New Technology for wireless earbuds or free from any wires


Every once in a while a technology is developed that takes an experience to the next level. TWS is one such technology. It is straight out of the future and offers convenience, better connectivity, and an overall better audio experience.

First let’s start with what TWS is. TWS stands for True Wireless and that simple what it is. Devices with this technology are free from wires and connect to each other and your devices (phones, pads, etc) with the minimum hassles. True wireless goes one step further by cutting the cord between the earbuds themselves

Truly Wireless Earbuds as a technology have now become a little mature. It has become much easier and quicker to connect the buds between themselves and to the mobile device you are using. No master or slave exists in good Truly Wireless Earbuds brands like Apple, Sony or Blaupunkt. You could take left bud or right bud out, they will easily connect without hassle. Latest Bluetooth 5.0, put it in your ears, switch on and ready to go.

Now the real question is what do you look in for a good Truly Wireless. One thing is surely no compromise is your needs. You should chose the one that matches your needs. & of course the longevity & reliability. This absolutely gels with Gerrman Brands & they guarantees reliable tech all the time.  

Read the next blog to see how you should short list the right TWS that matches with your needs